When a loved one passes, someone is required to administer their Estate to ensure that all of their debts are paid and their assets are distributed pursuant to the terms of their Will. 

Assets of an Estate include all bank accounts, shares, property and other assets that the deceased held prior to their passing.

If you are appointed as an Executor in a Will or you are the next of kin of a person who has died without a Will, our Team do their best to take the stress away at the most heartbreaking of times and guide you through the process step by step.

We tailor each matter so as to be mindful of minimizing costs to the estates and work with great efficiency to ensure the process is as smooth and streamline as possible.  Dealing with the Supreme Court (if Probate or Letters of Administration is required), banks, superfunds, property and all of the other assets and liabilities takes time and lots of paperwork – something that can be extremely overwhelming! 

Our Team delivers results with attention to detail, professionalism, empathy and compassion – we are honored to assist at your time of need.

Please contact our Wills and Estates team to help you through the process.