Selling a property

Deciding to sell your property let our experienced conveyancing team help you through the process.

Our conveyancing team can review your contract prior to execution to give you advice and guidance in relation to the contract.

Once your contract is executed and you have provided it to our office we will provide you with our initial advice and checklists in relation to your sale.  This includes meeting with our friendly conveyancing team to sign all necessary documents.  We will then provide you with advice in relation to what items are included in the sale and answer any questions you may have.

We will then liaise with the buyer’s conveyancer, the real estate agent, your bank and advise you of settlement figures, the settlement date and time of your sale.

We are proud to be the first PEXA Certified practice on the Peninsula.   When the pandemic took hold last year our conveyancing team embraced the PEXA platform.

If you would like us to undertake your conveyance please email us with your contract.