Drink Driving

People charged with drink driving often make the mistake of representing themselves in Court and in most instances, do not receive the best possible result.  

It is extremely important that you seek proper legal advice at the earliest opportunity after being charged, as these convictions can have a long-lasting impact on many aspects of your life.

There are four (4) alcohol limits in Queensland:

  1. No alcohol limit (0.00% or above);
  2. General alcohol limit (0.05% or above);
  3. Middle alcohol limit (0.10% or above);
  4. High alcohol limit (0.15% or above).

Your sentence ultimately depends on the category you are charged with, your criminal/traffic history, and your personal circumstances.

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence, please contact our team as soon as possible. Our experienced lawyers will be available to assist and ensure the most positive outcome is achieved in your matter.

Costs involved

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