Protection Orders

Protection orders in Queensland (also known as Domestic Violence Orders) are court orders made with conditions to prevent future domestic or family violence from occurring.

Protection orders are made in accordance with the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012. In some cases, the Queensland Criminal Code will also apply. The law aims to stop domestic violence from occurring, to maximise the safety of people subjected to domestic violence, and to make sure that perpetrators are held accountable for their behaviour.

There are two types of Protection Orders:

  • a Temporary Protection Order;
  • Protection Order

Temporary Protection Order

If you need protection urgently, the aggrieved or the police can apply for a temporary protection order, which can be considered early by a Magistrate.

A temporary protection order is like a protection order, but it’s for a shorter time to protect those in danger up until the date that a Magistrate can decide the application for the full protection order.

Protection Order

A Protection Order is a domestic violence order made by a Magistrate in court to protect people in domestic and family violence situations. A Protection Orders usually lasts for five years. However, the order can be made for a shorter period, or be extended if the court feels it is appropriate in the circumstances.

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