Work Licence (Restricted Licence)

If you have been charged with an offence of drink driving or drug driving, you probably want to know whether there is any possibility of avoiding your licence being disqualified. If you are in Queensland, you may be eligible to apply for a work licence.

The first step is to establish whether you are eligible to apply for a work licence. In order to apply, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  1. You hold a current open Queensland driver licence;
  2. Your alcohol reading was lower than 0.15 BAC;
  3. You were not driving for a work purpose when you were charged;
  4. You did not hold a restricted work licence at the time you were charged;
  5. You have not previously been convicted of drinking driving, drug driving or dangerous driving in the last five (5) years;
  6. You have not had your licence disqualified, suspended or cancelled in the last five (5) years.

You will also need to prove to the Court that you are a ‘fit and proper’ person to hold a drivers licence, and that you will suffer extreme hardship, should the Court refuse your application.

If you have found yourself in this situation and wish to apply for a work licence, we can help you by preparing your application and supporting affidavits, filing the material in Court and appearing on your behalf at your sentencing hearing and work licence application.

Costs involved

Contact our Traffic Law team to help you through this process.