Property Settlement

A property settlement is the legal dividing of your joint property after separation.

The division of property may be a complex and sometimes difficult and lengthy process.  Contrary to popular belief property is not a guaranteed 50/50 split.  We will work hard to negotiate the best possible outcome based on your specific circumstances including financial and non-financial contributions of each party in the relationship.

There are time limits following your separation to have a property settlement finalised.  Our family law team will ensure that all parties meet their obligations in a timely manner meaning you can move on with your life quicker.

We pride ourselves in resolving your property settlement matter at the earliest possible opportunity and if possible, without resulting to lengthy and protracted court litigation.

Property settlement can be resolved either two ways:

  • A Binding Financial Agreement; or
  • Consent Orders.

Costs involved with property settlement

It is difficult to determine the exact cost of a property settlement as each case is different. Costs depend on how willing both parties are to settle, how complex the individual case is as well as any unexpected factors that may arise.

Please contact our Family Law team to help you through the process.