Fixed Fees

Below are our fixed fees

$225.00Initial consultation fee
$55.00Initial legal aid consultation fee

Family Law

$1,100.00 plus outlaysDivorce
$2,750.00 plus outlaysBinding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders
$3,300.00 plus outlaysConsent Orders – parenting and property settlement
$880.00Certificate of Independent Legal Advice
$660.00Transfer of property title as a result of property settlement

Wills and Estates

$330.00 per documentWill or Enduring Power of Attorney   
$605.00Will and Enduring Power of Attorney
$1,210.00Couples – 2 x Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney


$605.00 plus outlaysSale of property
$770.00 plus outlaysPurchase of property
$990.00 plus outlaysSale of property over $1 million
$1,320.00 plus outlaysPurchase of property over $1 million

Traffic Offences

$1,650.00Work Licence/Special Hardship Application
$880.00 – $1,650.00Drink driving/unlicensed driving charge


$880.00 – $1,650.00Plea of guilty